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Meet The Artist: Henriett Brezinski and Susan Steenhuis – Healing

17 december: 15:00 - 17:00


About Susan Steenhuis – Drawing from her background in arts and psychology, Susan believes that love and safety are essential elements of existence for all living beings. Through her art, she warmly invites you to embark on a journey that embraces compassion and unwavering faith as we move towards a new world. She hopes her art will elevate your spirit, offer solace, and serve as a powerful reminder of your genuine essence, which dwells deep within your heart and soul. Every canvas she paints is handcrafted by her, with respect for animals, humanity, and the environment.

About Henriett Brezinski – Henriett is an art therapist and self-taught artist. Since her first exhibition in 2011, she has found it important to be active in the artistic activities of her place of residence, working together with galleries and art institutes in Hungary, and with various artist groups in the Netherlands during the past 8 years. Creativity is her healing, by communicating her essence genuinely – through colors, primordial forms and emotions – she intends to form an alive connection with her environment, transmitting the healing energy of transformation through her works. Her paintings are a result of her own metamorphosis, expressing the least tangible aspects of life, ephemerality at a subconscious level.

🇬🇧“Meet The Artist” is a monthly cultural event designed to create a vibrant platform for artists to showcase their work, engage with art enthusiasts, and foster a deeper connection to the world of art. This event aims to enrich the local art scene by providing an opportunity for artists to share their creative journey, techniques, and inspirations with a diverse audience.

“Meet The Artist”  also serves as a bridge between artists and the local community. It aims to make art accessible and relevant to people from all walks of life. This event “Meet The Artist” is not just an exhibition; it’s an educational experience. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about art techniques, processes, and the stories behind the art work, fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistic process.


🇳🇱”Meet The Artist” is een maandelijks cultureel evenement dat is ontworpen om een levendig platform te creëren voor kunstenaars om hun werk te presenteren, in contact te komen met kunstliefhebbers en een diepere verbinding met de wereld van kunst te bevorderen. Dit evenement heeft als doel het lokale kunstlandschap te verrijken door kunstenaars de kans te bieden om hun creatieve reis, technieken en inspiraties te delen met een divers publiek.

“Meet The Artist” dient ook als een brug tussen kunstenaars en de lokale gemeenschap. Het streeft ernaar kunst toegankelijk en relevant te maken voor mensen uit alle lagen van het leven. Dit evenement “Meet The Artist” is niet zomaar een tentoonstelling; het is een educatieve ervaring. Bezoekers zullen de kans hebben om meer te leren over kunsttechnieken, processen en de verhalen achter het kunstwerk, wat een diepere waardering voor het artistieke proces bevordert.

About Henriett Brezinski and Susan Steenhuis – Healing:



17 december
15:00 - 17:00
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